Couples Therapy / Marriage Counseling is beneficial for:


  • Couples who want to enrich their relationship and desire an improved and better connection

  • Couples desiring repair to a damaged relationship, after an affair -emotional or sexual- has been discovered

  • Couples considering divorce, but before they do, want to make sure that things can or cannot be rescued

  • Couples planning on getting married, but want to start their married life with a healthy, connected relationship

  • Couples desiring to be healthy, attuned and aware parents


Couples or relationship counselling is needed when:


  • Unresolved and repeated conflict, blaming, critisising and threats of divorce is causing a break-up and disconnection in the union of the couple

  • One party has already moved out of the bedroom, house or relationship and you are separated form each other

  • One party is involved in an affair (emotional or sexual) and he/she has invisibly exited the marriage

  • You know that you still love your partner, but it doesn’t feel that way

  • Your relational space has become a quiet and “civil” place, lacking energy

  • An addiction, for example drug/ alchohol abuse, gambling or pornography is sabotaging the unity of the couple