Singles counselling is different to individual counselling, in that singles who want to be in relationship, but find it difficult because of previous relationship failures or divorce, have different issues they want to address than the client who wants to come for individual counselling; although the fields can overlap.  Because of my training as an IMAGO RELATIONSHIP SPECIALIST I have a deep understanding of the heartache and pain these clients go through and I am qualified to work with these issues, where I also use processes to aid the client to Consciously un-couple.  The term Conscious uncoupling is/was made popular by Kathrine Woodward Thomas to whom I am grateful for bringing her wisdom and experience to working with couples and single individuals.  Kathrine also wrote the book Conscious Uncoupling.


The single client who is ready to do the work on themselves and then address his/her painful issues are, after therapy, a much better candidate to attract a partner who is more emotionally intelligent and whole.  Such a relationship can then begin on a far more healthy level, because… If you are emotionally more healthy you will attract a partner who is also more emotionally healthy and whole.