Individual, Marriage and Couples Counselling in Krugersdorp on the West Rand, West of Johannesburg


Individual, Marriage, couples and relationship counselling is offered in Krugersdorp on the West-Rand, west of Johannesburg.


Susan Eksteen, individual, marriage and couples counseling specialist, as well as certified and advanced Imago Relationship Therapist, offers couples the opportunity to focus on improving and healing their relationship and offers individuals counselling for personal growth and advancing towards a better life. 


The relationship-, couples- and marriage counseling takes place in an atmosphere of hope and safety, without judgement.  This can enable the couple to see each other with empathy and make breakthroughs in the way that they relate to each other.  It is important to counsel couples in a neutral environment without everyday interruptions and MARRIAGEMAX offers exactly that.


 IMAGO Relationship therapy has been developed by Harville Hendrix (as can be seen in his bestsellers: “Getting the Love You Want”, "Keeping the love you Find" and "Receiving Love"). The aim of IMAGO Therapy is to guide the couple on their journey towards an improved relationship by becoming aware, creating safety and strengthening connection.  Couples will be equipped with tools that can transform their relationship from conflict to connection.


Couples will be safely guided to become aware of the origins of frustrations, conflicts and pain which lead to their disconnection. Under Susan’s professional guidance and facilitation couples will have the opportunity to heal, learn new ways of communicating and managing conflict.   This knowledge, in turn, can lead to new highs and insights in connection and Love.