Hypnosis lets you discover the power of you subconscious mind to unlock your potential.

It is a very relaxed state where you can access your own inner resources and wisdom and where there is less interference from the logical, analytical mind.  In hypnosis the analytical mind (conscious mind) is somewhat suspended and we can turn on the highly imaginative part (or subconscious part) of the mind which allows communication of ideas or suggestions to the inner unconscious, imaginative part of the mind.


Hypnosis practices are very beneficial for a person who is not the version of themselves they want to be.  They might have to overcome something, might have emotional problems, might have persistent thoughts or behaviours they don’t really want.

To use the computer metaphor, we all have “programs” in our conscious and subconscious minds; and we have belief systems that have been created when we were very young and sometimes they are wonderful and at other times they hold us back.

Our subconscious can also be compared to a huge filing room with lots of filing cabinets and a multitude of files in those cabinets.  Through our whole life our minds record everything that happened to us, both the positive and the negative; and it gets stored in those files; and the subconscious mind runs on the “programs” or information contained in the files. 

Later in our lives, some habit or behaviour or emotional problem can cause us to not be the best version of ourselves that we desire to be, and a file can be triggered to come up causing unwanted behaviours or similar behaviours to when the file was created, maybe at a young age, and a program is triggered which causes unwanted behaviours or habits and is not to the person’s highest benefit.  Such a person may seek help for the problems.

During hypnosis we can examine that program, update it and re-write it to suit your current wisdom and knowledge and it is a wonderful state where you can access your resources and many other things.

What is important to know is that properly facilitated hypnosis practices is not finding the solution for the client, we don’t diagnose, give advice or prescribe.  The philosophy behind CLIENT CENTERED HIPNOSIS is that the client finds his/her own solutions by accessing their inner wisdom and knowledge in a relaxed state.  The hypnosis practitioner is merely a “tour guide” on this journey.

Issues that can be successfully resolved through hypnosis practices are amongst others:

  • Stop smoking
  • Weight management
  • Chronic pain
  • Motivation
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Being the best YOU that you can be.