The old saying applies: " If you keep doing what you are doing; you will keep getting what you are getting!"  In order to have a more connected and safe relationship, requires doing something different …. THE IMAGO PROCESS is your answer! Transforming your relationship does not happen overnight but it should be viewed as a lifelong journey.



Imago relationship therapy is a safe and non-judgemental process. You will be equipped with, amongst others, communication tools that can be used to create a connected and intimate bond, making you feel joyful and alive.



Communication deficits or the lack communication, as well as misunderstandings and assumptions plays an important role in troubled relationships. By supporting and facilitating couples in repairing communication, you are introduced to “The Couples Dialogue”. This is the backbone of Imago Therapy. Repaired communication as well as emotional safety and deepened connection can be looked forward to due to the dialoguing techniques.  Focused attention and attuned listening enables the couple to dialogue instead of debate.



The improvement of safety and connection that comes through the employment of the tools, affords the couple the opportunity to look at the roots of their pain. Couples are taught to move out of blaming and criticism towards empathy.



When sexuality becomes a tough subject to discuss and when it gets sexually ‘cold’ in the relationship, although both long for the intimacy and passion of sex; you can use the couples dialogue to ‘visit’ each other’s world of sexuality, and heal that which sabotages your pleasure.



Help for married couples: Other Themes and Processes that are available:


Goodbye process: This process is utilised to say goodbye to a phase in your marriage which caused a lot of pain and disconnection. It can also be used when partners decide to divorce and they want to leave each other in an aware and healthy way.



Forgiveness process: This process enable you to take responsibility for the part you played in the ‘pain’ of your partner and to move the relationship into an aware space. It is not a way of moving deeper into guilt and blaming, but to be healed from what happened in the past. The forgiveness process is exclusively for couples who have mastered the couples dialogue and who have already worked with projections.