Marriage Counsellor, Imago Relationship Therapist, Pastoral Therapist and Registered Counsellor

 I work with couples that want to turn conflict into connection and also with individuals that hope for a better life.


I am a therapist and mental health practitioner with more than 10 years experience in Counselling. I am a Marriage Counselling Specialist – Certified IMAGO Relationship Therapist, Pastoral Therapist and Registered Counsellor, registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) which allows clients the benefit of claiming fees back from their medical aid.


Initially, I was trained through Potchefstroom University for CHE, currently called North West University and UNISA. Post-graduate studies were completed through the Institute for Therapeutic Development (UNISA) and I have a Masters Degree in Practical Theology with Specialisation in Pastoral Therapy (UNISA). The Theological training allows me to use both biblical, spiritual and psychological insights to understand individuals, relationships and couples, and to facilitate personal growth, development and change.


My next level of training qualified me to be an International Certified IMAGO Therapist with Imago Relationships International. I am committed to continuous training and took advanced IMAGO training courses, such as ‘Characterological growth’ and ‘Addiction and Attachment’ as well as the Singles training. Knowledge, training and passion allow me to stay on top of the most current research and information on couple-hood and relational issues.


As contributor to various magazine articles, I am uniquely qualified to help you as an individual or as a couple. I have been featured in local and national media where articles I have written appeared in “Lig”, "Huisgenoot/You" and "Vroue Keur", as well as "The Citizen" Newspaper and the Krugersdorp News. I also did an article for the electronic version of “Rooi Rose”. I took part in “Intiem” magazine’s Facebook page by answering reader’s questions on relationship issues. On occasion I took part in the “Kruiskyk” television program and also did a program with RSG’s “Leefwêreld van die Gestremde”. I have presented the DivorceCare program at a local church and run “A New way to Love” couples weekend workshops.


Relationships have been my passion for a long time, and I feel privileged to be allowed into a couple’s world in order to facilitate change within the marriage and the way they connect. Experience has taught me that every relationship and the struggles a couple faces are unique and should be handled and appreciated as such.



One of the issues I serve in COUPLES COUNSELLING is when one partner in the couple found out that the other partner cheated on them. Their first reaction is devastation, disbelief and anger. What often happens is a downwards spiral of checking behaviour, blaming and criticizing, shaming the partner and trust issues which can consume your life.


Other issues that can cause conflict in couples and a subsequent disconnection, is where one member is addicted to, for e.g. alcohol, drugs, gambling or pornography. So, I also address addiction issues.


Many a time a couple, who is on the brink of divorce, come to see me in a last effort to rescue the relationship. Unfortunately, all relationships cannot be rescued and in such cases I use the goodbye process to help the couple deal with unfinished business and to give them tools to separate without hostility. This aids the couple in co-parenting the children as divorced, but present parents.


PRE-MARITAL COUNSELLING is also one of the issues I serve which brings me much joy. I take the premarital couple through a program of six sessions where we work on communication, relationship vision, love languages, sexuality, conflict resolution and other issues that are important to the couple. This program can also be taken as a weekend workshop where premarital couples come together to journey through the program.





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