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Who you are before you fall in Love says a lot about the eventual success of your relationship and how it will work out in the end. Most of the work of creating true love is done on yourself, even before you meet “the one”.

Before you can find true loveThe saying goes: “A successful relationship isn’t finding the right person, its being the right person.” So, in order to have the right partner, you have to be the right partner. Your relationship with yourself is crucial to finding lasting love. Love yourself first. A positive self-image paves the road to happiness, opportunity and lasting love.

A few questions you can ask yourself to test if you are ready for lasting love is: “How do I treat myself”, “How do I speak to myself”, “How do I hold myself back/sabotage a relationship or shoot myself in the foot”, “How do I defend myself when I sense something is not to my liking” and “How do I react when I feel vulnerable”.

A lot of honest soul searching can go into such questions and getting to the answers is a process that takes time. Be gentle and kind with yourself and give yourself the time that it takes. Answering these questions can create anxiety, but don’t avoid finding the answers as this might lead to lost opportunities in finding real, meaningful love.

You need to trust yourself that you can be the right partner. How do I trust myself to do this, and how do I let myself be loved? How can I know that I am enough, that I am worthy of being loved? Receiving love makes us vulnerable, and includes showing your true self openly to another person without the fear of being shamed or being rejected.   The fear of not being good enough is a frequent underlying (often unconscious) limiting belief. By thinking negatively you are essentially manifesting what you don’t want. If you don’t believe you are love-worthy, why should anyone else think so? Train yourself to think positively about yourself, expecting the good and the great (and the love).

Don’t let past experiences determine you future, but let it be part of who you can besome.  Take the first step today and trust that life and divine timing will send you the love of your life!